This is the perfect preschool curriculum for busy moms! Each week is specifically planned and ready for you to print at home. Here is everything your child will learn:

Basic Concepts & Skills

✔️ Colors
✔️ Shapes
✔️ Sizes
✔️ Opposites
✔️ Same and different
✔️ Scissor skills

Reading Readiness

✔️ Letters A-Z
✔️ Letter recognition
✔️ Phonics
✔️ Beginning letter sounds
✔️ Rhyming pictures

Writing Readiness

✔️ Left to right
✔️ Top to bottom
✔️ Tracing lines
✔️ Capital letters
✔️ Lower case letters
✔️ Handwriting readiness


✔️ Weather
✔️ Opposites
✔️ Living or non-living
✔️ 5 senses
✔️ Plant life cycle


✔️ Numbers 0-10
✔️ Counting 0-10
✔️ Addition
✔️ Sequencing
✔️ Shapes
✔️ Sizes (big and small)

Critical Thinking

✔️ Days of the week
✔️ Months of the year
✔️ Feelings
✔️ First, next, last


✔️ Is designed to prepare your child for kindergarten

✔️ Includes materials covering basic concepts and skills to critical thinking, writing readiness, science, math, reading, and more

✔️ Get step-by-step instructions each week on what your child will be learning

✔️ Lessons that are preplanned, so you can spend more time with your child and less time trying to create a lesson plan

✔️ Has 1,070+ pages of valuable, educational learning resources to help your child's knowledge grow

Imagine what it would be like if…

  • Your child could learn in a way that's best suited for them
  • You could spend more quality time with your child
  • You didn't have to spend hours planning their lessons
  • Feel confident in your child's education

With Smart Little Learners Full Curriculum you will be giving your little one the best education possible!

Please note: this is a digital product for you to download; no physical product will be mailed to you.

A Happy Mom...

"I just bought your preschool curriculum and all I can say is WOW. I am a certified teacher and I have my masters in curriculum and instruction and this is just fabulous. Everything is so organized and it covers exactly what I was looking for. I'm so excited for our next year using your curriculum. I just wanted to say thank you for putting in the work to make this."



Your child's education starts here.

The Smart Little Learners preschool curriculum will fit perfectly into your busy schedule. Grab your copy, TODAY!

Meet Micah.

As a homeschooling mom of 5, I know how important learning is for our children, and how simple your life becomes when you have proven and trusted resources to use.

This is why I'm sharing the same Preschool Curriculum I created for my daughter (all you need to do is print and learn).

In just 15 minutes a day you can make sure your child has the firm foundation that will prepare them for kindergarten with this curriculum.



I remember my first year homeschooling. I felt like a hot-mess mama and had no idea what my kids should focus on, until I began using this homeschool planner printable

This planner is what you need to help you stay organized all year long! You'll find 72+ pages to create the homeschool life of your dreams. 

Here's everything you'll find inside:

  • Year at a glance (Plan your child's educational goals and measure growth with this year at a glance, so you know what they are learning and when.)
  • 2022 dated monthly calendars
  • 2023 dated monthly calendars
  • Undated monthly calendars
  • Weekly plans (Break down your child's educational monthly goals into actionable steps using this weekly breakdown with your main goal, notes, to do list, and week overview.)
  • Weekly overviews
  • Weekly timetable
  • Weekly lesson plans
  • Daily overview (Sometimes you need those day-to-day actionable plans, and so does your child. You will love the space you have to write the time, subject, and check marks for your daily tasks. You'll also find space to write your top priorities and to-do list.)
  • Unit study activities
  • Unit study prep
  • Reading log
  • Field trip log
  • Attendance sheet
  • Grade tracker
  • Wish list
    and more!


What age is this curriculum for?

This full preschool curriculum is great for children ages 4-6 years of age.

How long does this curriculum take? 

Most lessons will take your child anywhere from 15-20 minutes to complete. Each week is planned out for you. All you need to do is print and go.

We encourage children to take their time working through the curriculum, so they can better grasp what they're learning.  

Can I get a physical copy? 

In order to keep this curriculum affordable for you, this curriculum is delivered digitally in a PDF format. You can print the entire curriculum and have it bound in a 3-ring binder, or print the pages you need as your child learns.

How long does it take to get through?

This curriculum was designed to be 36- weeks, or 9 months long. Each week is organized, so you can print the pages you need and help your child learn on your own schedule.

Can I use this with my other children?

Of course! As a homeschooling mom of five children, I understand how much time and energy you pour into your children. That 's why I've created the Smart Little Learners curriculum- to make your life a little easier.  

How soon will I receive the curriculum after purchase?

Your curriculum will be delivered digitally to the email you provide at checkout. It should arrive within 5-10 minutes of your purchase.